Transform your web traffic into customers by A.I-driven voice chatbots

a solution able to accelerate the transition from web traffic to sales .

Doubts? - Ask our A.I


Here are a few reasons

Take the most of your traffic

How many opportunities could you win if you had a sales representative always ready to explain your product?

WorkBai can explain your product to your web visitors.
WorkBai mission is to qualify and drive traffic to your sales team.
Always updated, like having a conversation with a junior sales representative.

Improve your efectiveness

Above 65% of traffic is mobile, but desktop leads the conversion rates.

Mobile traffic => voice capabilities. Take advantage.
Your customers are browsing from smartphones; Offer  them a more "natural" experience.
Out-of-the-box, implement an A.I sales representative, expert in your product in just a few clicks.

Optimize cost

A.I. processes are evolving and reaching new levels of effectiveness. Are you getting the most out of it? reduce the involvement of your teams in low-profile works.

A.I. integrated in the regular sales flow.
Cost effective.
Non-Stop lead capture solution.

What We Do?

The platform we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

Cutting-Edge A.I. technology

A.I. out of the box

Access to A.I. processes that accelerates your business, such as product pitching or product explanation, WorkBai evolves in an automated and autonomous way.

Product expert

Our A.I. can clarify doubts or promote your product, define the mission, and provide the ideal script to teach the system as many times as you want.

Continuos evolution

A.I. technologies are moving fast; be connected to a platform that incorporates the latest technologies on the market.

What Makes Us Different?

We bring solutions to make the most of the .A.I technology in a real world.


Our platform is continuously evolving. Take profit of the latest technology organically.

Business thinking

We are entrepreneurs; our objective is to drive the A.I technologies to cover your business needs.

Plug and Play

We offer solutions ready to use, without any additional requirements or knowledge.


Our technology covers real needs, no matter if you are a small or large business.

Our Pricing


Explorer Plan

Voice A.I. Prompt
Limited to 20 minutes
of A.I. conversation
Standard Workflows
Get Started


Business Plan
A.I Sales Representative

Explorer Plan plus
Up to 800 minutes
of A.I. conversation
Prompt guidance
Sales Pitch pre-built
Contact Sales


Enterprise Plan
A.I Product Expert

Business Plan plus
Up to 2000 minutes
of A.I. conversation
A.I Custom Trainning
Contact Sales